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Allergy Specialist in Tampa, Florida

Welcome to Tampa Allergy Center!
Dr Parrino is a board certified allergist and asthma specialist who has served West Central Florida for more than 36 years. Our mission is to help you achieve control of your allergies that adversely affect your quality of life and livelihood. During your initial visit we will obtain an extensive review of your medical problems, especially concerning upper and/or lower respiratory issues as well as any skin conditions that may be influenced by allergies.

Dr Parrino is still a "solo practitioner" - there are no other physicians in our practice. We have no physician extenders in our office - you will always be seen by Dr Parrino with each and every office visit.

Prior to your initial visit we will have you complete a thorough questionnaire detailing your medical history with emphasis on those issues that have caused you to seek the help of an allergist. On your first visit, Dr Parrino will review that document with you and will perform a physical exam focusing on the areas of your chief complaints. With this information he will come to a working diagnosis which will determine what course of action should be taken in terms of further diagnostic testing as well as initial treatment options. This initial consultation typically lasts about 1.5 hours. Our practice serves all patients including pediatric from 4 years old on up as well as adults from the Tampa Bay area. Please contact us for more information about our services and to schedule your next appointment.
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